24 hours with Lydia

When the kids are around 10 years old, we do a special 24 hour date.

It was delightful to get to know my quiet one a little better.





Camp Review

We picked up Grace and Lydia yesterday afternoon.

They had a fantastic time and honestly are very excited for next year!

I was very proud of both of them.

Lydia had a four way tie for first place with the number of points earned at camp.  They have never had a tie before much less a 4 way tie.

She memorized all of Psalm 139 during the week plus daily verses.  They both earned points for clean room, kickball wins etc.





Max quotes of the weekend

“Mom, my face is dirty.  Can you lick your fingers and then wipe it off.”

“When you pee in your swimsuit, (implying in the water) it is really warm.” Big smiles as he tells me this.