and today…

I am thankful for great neighbors because my crock pot died.

And when you are having 33 people over, you REALLY need a crock pot.

Visiting Great Grandma Mutz

5-6 games of UNO.


The rode up and down the chair about 100 times. They think we should get one.

College students

At our church there is a adopt a college student ministry.  We ended up with three “official” students.  Last night we ended up with 6 college kids sitting at our supper table added to our 7. We had a great time.  Monday’s will be our extended “family” night. It might get a little crazy around here because I heard that when I was gone dropping G and L off at unicycle class that there were 4 kids on the shoulders of the “big” kids running around the house.

They stayed until 9:00pm.

Grace’s observation, “They must really like us!”

Lydia’s, “Or they really like the free food.”