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They’re at it again

I cleaned my closet last night; even sorted out all of our old nasty socks and undergarments.

But…today it was two steps backwards.


Silas reads

Silas read bible stories to the other kids tonight before going to bed.

10 of my Favorite Things for Large Families

I’ve been compiling a list for over a year of my favorite things.  All of it has to do with life – common sense items.  This list is not to pamper me, but to make my life 10 times easier!  Here is a blog post to share with your husband or mom for your Christmas wish list:)

1.  Mountainsmith Modular Hauler:  I use these to pack our family to go anywhere and everywhere.  I actually have three sets so each person gets one little compartment to pack their items for the trip.  I love love love this packing system.  You can find this at Sierra Trading Post.  The way to get the best possible deal is to sign up for their deal flyer and wait until you get an email for 30% plus $20 gift card when you spend $75.  It might takes a couple of weeks to get that specific email, but it is worth the wait.  Because I frequent this site, I went ahead and got the credit card so that shipping is always $2.95 no matter how much I spend.  (Side note: I buy almost all of our shoes, boots and winter socks on this site because I have scored fabulous deals!!)

2. Camp Towel:  When you have 7 children, hauling towels for about anything can become a major undertaking.  As a gift, my sweet mother-in-law bought our whole family towels similar to these for Christmas.  I can fit 9 towels in a bag and take them to the pool, YMCA to the beach etc!  Ours are a dark brown which is a fantastic color to hide dirt!

3. Label Maker:  EVERY single mother needs a label maker in their home.  I can’t even believe I questioned Carl when he purchased one for our business when we started 5 years ago.

4. School lunch trays:  My kids love it when I serve with these.  I found mine at Goodwill.  I know that they are out there, but finding them might be tricky.

5.  Rice cooker:  I have no idea that making rice could be so easy! I put the rice and water in and walk away and it is ready for me when I come back!

6. Electric Knife:  I cut up all of my children’s meat in one swoop. This is the exact one that I have been using for years!

7. Recycle Bins for laundry:  Mine are all blue and I need to label darks, lights and towels, but there is usually laundry in there and my kids can self sort.  When it is full, I have a full load for my machine.  I also double the use for when we travel, so I have bins with covers for all sorts of random thing that we need to take with us.  I do not use the covers when stack for laundry use.

8.  Baskets and Bins:  Again, I love a good system to keep us organized.  Each person has their own laundry bin for clean clothes and a shoe bin.

9.  Shoe sizer:  I never have to leave my house to buy shoes.  And with feet changing sizes all the time, this is a real time saver!

10.  Diffuser: I love to make my house smell great, plus their are health benefits when you diffuse certain essential oils.  Win-win!