Snail mail

I love to send out snail mail!!

Frozen pizza

Mom: jack would you like frozen pizza for lunch?

Jack: [huge tears] Nooooo! I want warm pizza.

Adie’s Sixth Birthday

I (Carl) had some business to do in the Cities today, so we rolled it into Adie’s birthday celebration.

It was a great day. We got some snacks, went to the Apple store (that was the work part), visited the science museum, ate pizza, took a tour of the Red Bull event at the capital, went to Trader Joe’s, and had a couple families over for a dog-themed birthday party… And to top it off, Nana showed up as a surprise guest for dinner.

On the drive home from the cities, Adie told me that this might be the best day of her life. It was a pretty sweet moment.

It’s a good thing the boy’s birthdays land on a Saturday as well this year – I think the birthday bar was set pretty high.

We love you, Adie.