This past week Adie has been killing all of us with her two wiggly teeth.

She couldn’t bear to pull them out and we are astonished that she didn’t swallow them in her sleep.  As you can see, we could bend them all the way forward and her two permanent were coming in behind her baby teeth.

Tonight she came down after being tucked in so show us her first lost tooth. Grace and Lydia were video chatting with Nana and Papa at the time.  Papa offered her $5 if she pulled the other one out.  A few minutes later there was a grin the size of Texas across Adie’s face.

Yes, she pulled the other one.

Tonight she pulled her first and second tooth and earned $5 to boot.


Enjoying Community

We had a slumber party at our house this weekend.  The twist was that we invited the whole family to come stay with us.

Let me just say….it was a blast!

Kids ate popcorn and watched movies while the adults played board games and we all stayed up way too late.

A lazy breakfast was the perfect way to start a Saturday morning. There was no set agenda, just fellowship.

On Sunday night we had our community group over for a meal and digging into the sermon text of Luke 4 & 5.

I can’t begin to describe the feeling of being in community with other believers that really know us and care about us. We never had this depth when we lived in Sioux Falls.  It is something that can’t be forced but you can passionately pray that the Lord would bring others into your life. Just like a great marinade, deep friendships take time.  There is no faking it.  I prayed many years for something like this and I feel his mercy in granting me a little taste of what heaven will be like.

I am feeling over abundantly blessed with the richness of the body of Christ.



Today we started a science experiment.


Had to start over because we came back to an empty plate.

Titus ate Grace’s experiment.

It is moments like this where I wonder how in the world will I educate my children.