Welcome Keira

Yesterday we welcomed Keira into our home. She is attending the local technical college which is literally right across the park from us. The plan is that she will exchange room and board for helping me around the house for 10 hours per week.


Kenji moved out on Friday. Don’t worry though. He was back for lunch and supper on Saturday and supper last night. He was welcomed back by all the kids like he was gone for weeks and not 12 hours.

Stopped cleaning

I was straightening up the bathroom this afternoon and came to the conclusion that I was going to stop cleaning.


Our connection group of 9 families is coming over in a couple of hours.

That means around 50 people will be here.

So, I am going to quit while I am ahead.


Yesterday we had one family over for a playdate. It made for 12 children ages 8 and under.

We had five five-year-olds.


It was great to meet someone who completely understands my life. And honestly, I think she has crazier stories than me.

Looking forward

We have a double date on the calendar for tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to it.

It is very good for my mental well being to have something to look forward to.