Whirlwind of a week

Saturday we welcomed Kenji into our home for a two week internship to work with Carl.

Last night we had the giggles while laying in bed.  We we were laughing at what he has arrived into for the past four days.

Quick low down:

Saturday arrived at 6:30 pm to sheer chaos.  We we were just finishing up a meal that Grace and Lydia made complete with marshmallows roasted over a candle with Grandma and Grandpa here to boot.  I was bathing 7 children and trying desperately to get out of the house for a friend’s birthday party that had started at 6 pm. After I left, Max woke up, Jack wouldn’t go to bed and the dog was barking constantly.  Welcome to the Larsen’s.

Sunday he went to church early with Carl to learn how to run video.  Afterwards we had our whole community group over for lunch plus three extras.  Two of Carl’s friends stopped in during the middle of all of it.  25-30 people here.

Monday morning was our last day of our homeschool co-op so activity level to get 7 small people out of the house by 8:20 was insane.

Tuesday I babysat a little boy in the afternoon, had Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner plus the boy’s mom and foster Dad stayed for supper too.  Carl then took Kenji to his Tuesday night men’s group.

Tonight we are invited to a family’s home for dinner.

Seriously, we are social but usually not at this pace.

Kenji will be doing a guest blog post sometime to share what it is really like to live with the crazy Larsen’s.  He is getting a comprehensive life internship, not just Telescope Media Group internship.

(Oh, by the way we will have Sarah coming on Sunday to live with us for awhile – She is getting the package deal too!)

Never dull.


Pretty cool way to do your math. Mom yells the problems out and you answer while jumping on the trampoline.


“Shhhh, we’re looking for something.”



My children are really loud today.