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Jack loves coffee

How many not-quite-two-year-olds know that how to make a pot of French press? Mine does.

Attaboy, Jack. You’re a great helper. And, no, You can’t have any. At least this time.

I’m one proud daddy.





My favorite way to clean my microwave is to boil water and vinegar inside for a couple of minutes and then wipe clean. Seriously this is the easiest way to clean one of the nastiest appliances in my house. I am sorry I didn’t take a before picture – just trust me, it was bad!



On Thursday, the day Titus broke his arm, we had two families over for supper.  It was a hoot to again have 17 kids sitting around our table.  We know that I am the common denominator between the three of us, but we can’t figure out how Connie and Vicky actually connected, but now they are best of friends, via Facebook and that night was the first time they met in person.  It was so much fun that they left at 10:10pm.  Note on Titus – he is doing great.  So much so, that we have had to pull him off the jungle gym that he broke his arm on, pull him out of the trampoline and pull him off of his brother Jack and remind him that he has a broken arm.  When it comes to chores, he remembers that he has a broken arm.  How is that?

Last night we had our girls’ craft night.  Scrapbooks were this month’s project and the intensity of the girls was incredible.  I mean they hardly talked to each other because they were so completely absorbed with their books.  I am so thankful we have these nights because my girls love them so much.  Silas told me that we needed to have a boys’ craft night.  What should I do with boys?  I really think if I want to tackle that one that I need to do it outside when the weather is warm.  Boys are messy, loud and completely obnoxious at times – maybe working with clay could be my starter craft because it fits so well with the messy part.

And finally tonight we had our old neighbors from Sioux Falls for supper.  They recently moved to MN about an hour away.  We were really blessed by their friendship when we lived in SF, and now I am super excited to pick up where we left off.  Do you have those friends who you don’t talk to for six months, a year or even three years and you can pick up right where you left off?  I cherish those friendships because there is no pressure to try to call and communicate, but when you do, it is like you haven’t missed a beat.

Tomorrow we will be heading to Fargo to celebrate Jack Keller’s life – basically it is a living funeral.  I think it is an awesome idea to celebrate with Jack while he is still here on earth.  Please would you be praying for his dear family because the last I heard was in the hospital with pneumonia and not doing well.  We are leaving the 5 older kids behind with some amazing friends.  Pray for protection as we drive and that my children will be well behaved while we are gone.

Never dull

Titus broke his arm this morning.


Amazing what a bag if skittles can do!


When he got home it was as if nothing happened. He actually wanted to jump on the trampoline and play rough with daddy. Umm….I don’t think so buddy!