Max 2 months

Chubba bubba here weighs 15 lbs 2 oz.


Breakfast of champions

Carl let them drink out of the “fancy” glasses. They kept saying “cheers” to each other.


One Thousand Gifts

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp is my new nighttime reading. Her eloquence and heart wrenching writing are amazing, and I am only on chapter 3. Here is the quote I have been wrestling on for a week.

“How do we fully live so we are fully ready to die?”

Am I crazy?

Okay, you don’t need to respond because I already know that I am the crazy one of the family – my brothers remind me of that.

But here is my plan. Next spring I am going to spray paint slots on the garage floor and every child will have to “park” his/her bike. If they can’t put it where it belongs then they can’t have a bike. I feel like our garage is always a disaster , partly because we have no system in place and expectations have gone to the wind.

Here is a picture of a semi cleaned garage.


Microwave question

Now I am curious how many of you cleaned your microwave after my last post?

I know you can use lemon juice instead of vinegar but the frugal side of me opts for the vinegar.