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Hand washing

My dishwasher bit the dust today! I had to keep reminding myself that this is a very modern luxury and I am blessed to even have one in the first place. And to top it off my refrigerator is going to die at any moment. Can you say paper plates and picnics?

There is a place in town that has scratch and dent appliances. I am praying that there are two there that are perfect for the Larsen crew. What is a dent or two when I know my boys will add their own marks in due time.

I also need to find time to go and look. Carl will be out of town tomorrow, so Lord willing I will find a baby sitter during the day. Never dull even when I have appliances that work.


Somedays we just don’t know what to do with this child. I was told that while I was out grocery shopping that Carl gave her nine mercies. Now that is mercy upon mercy.


Thank you.

Max is almost a month old and I haven’t sent out a single thank you.

I really am thankful for everything that we have received, but at the end of the day I am having a hard time sitting down and writing them out.

So, if I never get to it, I want everyone to know that I am truly grateful and I am spending my time doing other things such as laundry, grocery shopping, reading to my kids, changing diapers, nursing and the list could go on and on.  Now off to help Carl finish a project while the night is still young (it is 10:15 pm).

Restless Child area

My Sundays are not like a typical family getting ready for church either A: Carl is working a job out of town or B: he is working at church.  So that means I go to church by myself – well not really by myself, the tribe comes along too.  There are Sundays where Carl can join us once the service starts but mostly we have a front row spot.  If you asked most regular attenders where the Larsen crew sits, they will be able to point out the seats.  It actually miffs my children, just like the old woman who has her ‘spot’,  when someone sits in ‘our’ chairs.

Last week was my first solo run at this again.  The morning, let’s just say, we are glad we all made it and no one was sold to the passing  Midinite caravan.  When I went to drop Jack off and nursery, he threw a major tantrum.  So much so, that I thought they were going to have to call me to come and get him.  That put me in a little bit of a pickle because I can’t leave 5 other children unattended in the front row of church if I needed to leave.  I also had to factor Max into the equation.  Was he going to need to nurse or better yet poop and need a diaper change mid-service?

We have a restless child area outside our sanctuary that you can either watch the TV’s or watch through the windows.  I decided that we could try it for the week.  I have never been a huge fan of the area because to me it seems to give permission  to act out more and not pay attention.  My suspicion was proven true.  My children were the naughtiest that they have ever been; laying on the seats, getting up our of their seats, constantly asking for water or the bathroom or how much longer.   I about wanted to jump out of my skin.


I expect my kids to fidget, squirm, ask for water and the bathroom etc.  because they are children in training, but I don’t think training  the masses, in my case, can happen in the “child restless area.”  There are too many distractions including other adults talking.There also is a loss for the holiness of church and respect of paying attention when someone is preaching or leading worship.

This week I was proactive.  I asked another family to sit with us because they have a few older children and placing adults between a few key children can greatly diminish any inappropriate behavior. I thought it went well. Of course, there is always some monkey business going on but when you have three four-year-olds there is always something, and if there isn’t, they are scheming or I plain just didn’t see it.  I am sure there are stories that people could and will tell me about the shenanigans that I missed, but such is life.

After church, it was decided that they will just always sit with us, that way I never have to worry about leaving during the service and plus there are more adults to be with the triplets.  Yay! no more child restless area!