Having a baby

So I am sitting in my hospital room dilated to 5 cm and they can’t pick up my contractions but I am feeling them. This is crazy because I am feeling pretty well in the pain category. So I will be checked again in a half hour to see if I am progressing. We are on the wait and see program around here. Boy, every labor is so utterly different!

Pray we have our little man tonight!

Protect Life

I can’t believe our sign was vandalized again. This time the new sign was up two days. The last sign they vandalized it three times before we could get to the cities to buy new ones. I think we are on sign number eight.
The triplets just can’t believe it. I had to explain what a-b-o-r-t meant because they keep spray painting that on the sign.

Seriously people, do you want your life protected? Do you want someone to be your advocate? I oscillate between being utterly pissed off to completely broken for whoever is doing this. They need Jesus just as much as I need him. Until then we will keep buying signs and I will remember this war is not against flesh and blood.

Big wheels

The neighbors graciously gave us a new but well loved toy. The front wheels need duct tape but that doesn’t bother any of these four. They beg to drive it as soon as their eyelids open in the morning.


Random Thoughts

Today as I was walking out to the van to put in the new insurance card in the glove box, I had this realization that two years ago at this point, I only had three children in our home.  Now we are literally days away from having seven.  Yes, I know I was pregnant with Jack and we were in the process of adopting Silas and Titus, but really we only had three little girls to raise and shepherd.

Wow, what a difference a couple of years can make.  I mean I would have never, no never ever guessed that this is where God would have led us on this crazy adventure called life.  God is and has been so faithful through it all.  Times when I thought I might just loose my mind with so many littles around the house, times when we didn’t know if there was going to be enough work to pay all the bills, times when I had no clue what God was up to, but knowing full well he was working for my good.  You know what I am talking about?  Those times you pray to be a better mom and He puts you into situations just so you can practice that skill.  *Sigh*

Well, gotta run and stop reflecting on life because nap/rest time is almost over, some of them choose not to sleep, but I need them all to rest so that I have some time during my day where it is quiet and calm.