Pray for Jack

Pray for my little man. When I woke him up at ten this morning his temp was 104.6. I have since gotten it down to 102.6 and he is sleeping in my arms.


New Trick

Silas and Titus thought it was pretty cool that they figured out how to do headstands at the same time. I’m hoping they don’t pull this move at church tomorrow!



Special Coffee Date

Silas and Titus used to get coffee as a treat when they were in Ethiopia. Now, they ask for it so often that we had to set the following rules:

You can have coffee when; 1) it’s your birthday, 2) it’s your special date, or 3) Papa is in town. Today, condition 2 was met, and they had a blast!


Under The Weather

Jack hasn’t been quite himself the past couple days. He always wants to be held, is hot, and even got to sleep in our bed. He’s teething and has a little bug. But on the bright side, there have been lots of cuddles. Hopefully, he’ll be feeling better in the morning. Sleep well little boy.



A little tactile experience this morning.