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2 for 2

Lydia decided after watching all of us eat supper that she would finish her lunch so that she could have stew and caramel bars w/ ice cream for dessert.  Scarfing down her food was hilarious to watch because she was so hungry!

One down, one more to go!

Her stomach got the best of her and she really wanted a snack.

Now Lydia on the other hand is quite strong willed.  Remember she was the one who stripped naked while strapped in a five-point harness car seat during a temper tantrum.  Just for the record we had to strap her in when she would tantrum for her own safety.  99% sweet and 1% ridiculously sour still fits her to a tee.  I wonder if she will be eating supper tonight?

I normally don’t make them eat all of their food.  They need to eat a few bites, but at lunch today there was such a fuss and commotion before it was even served that I drew a line in the sand.  Lydia has met her match with strong wills and I am positive she won’t win today.

Lunch for Dinner anyone?

My two beautiful blond hair, blue eyed children will be eating lunch for supper.  I bet it will taste even better tonight.  Now I have to make sure I stay in the kitchen so there will be no snitching.

Adie Quote

Summoned into the bathroom this morning by a semi-demanding 4 year old for the “wipe my butt” plea, I just finished when I heard her say, “Mom, could you please leave the bathroom I need my privacy because I went poop.”

I politely reminded her that she was the one who called (I mean yelled) for me in the first place.