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#5 or #6 times…too many to keep track

I can’t help to wonder if it is the same poor soul is doing this every time.  Do they find great joy at ripping or vandalizing our sign?  We won’t have time to put up the new sign today because we are going to the Pregnancy Resource Center benefit dinner, but tomorrow it is on the list of things to do.

Adoption, Ethiopia, One Day for the Orphan

Many people have asked my thoughts about Ethiopia cracking down on adoptions and reducing the number in which they will process.  I have been pretty much mum on the subject because it breaks my heart.  First there is and was corruption in Ethiopia, I was a  first hand witness and the agency we used was shut down for such allegations (which I believe are true from my experience.)  But I wish it didn’t need to come to this.  There are still millions of children who needs loving homes and there will always be sin surrounding adoption.  Don’t be surprised – we live in a fallen world.  But when Satan gives a sucker punch that doesn’t mean we sit back and twiddle our thumbs and wait.

No – we fight!  We roll up our sleeves and get dirty.  This battle is not a battle against flesh and blood but it is a battle in the spiritual world.

10% of orphans are adoptable and 90% are not.  Do you know what this means?  We need to take care of them where they are at.

In January, the Lord kept giving me dream after dream for the orphan.  First I was supposed to start and Orphan Ministy at our church.  Then I was standing in front of our church telling the congregation that there were at least 5 families who were supposed to be adopting.  The next night in my dream I felt the Lord telling me to dream bigger.  What?  How are we going to help these families pay for these adoptions?

Next came the idea of a church-wide garage sale.  Oh I was getting excited.  It was almost if every night when I went to sleep the Lord made it bigger and bigger.

Then it was as if he said, “What about the 90%, Angel?  What are you doing to save those who have zero chance for adoption?”  I felt like Jacob, wresting God in my dreams.  I told him I didn’t want to wake up until he blessed me with the idea with how we were going to fund it.

This is how One Day for the Orphan was formed.

The idea?


Challenge each and every person in our church to work one day a year for the orphan cause.  I was asking every one to do the exact same thing…work one day, but that one day looks infinitely different.  I knew there would be people who said, “But I don’t work or I have no money to give.”  To which I reply do you have a creative hobby that you could sell?  Extra stuff that can be sold on ebay?  Can you offer to help an adoptive family with some home improvements? Babysit? If you’re seven years old, what is the one day you make money in a year?  Answer: Your birthday.  Are you willing to give that money to a child who will never have a mom or dad?

So here’s my practical starting point: I want to have a homemade section at our garage sale.  I want to have an Art Bazaar on Orphan Sunday in November challenging our church to give their homemade things and then buying Christmas gifts at this event.

Now all of these ideas were swimming around in my head.  Then God told me that this can’t stay in our church walls.  It must be bigger, yet.

So my dream is to create One Day for the Orphan as a non-profit.  I was to structure it in such a way that 10% would go towards supporting adoptions here in the states and 90% would go towards saving the orphan in their own environments with safe houses – orphanages with schools etc.

I am feeling way over my head.

Probably exactly where God wants me.



Leaning not on my own understanding.

It is a humbling place to be.

I just heard …

This is what I just heard from upstairs….

“I am going to pee on you.”

I am so glad that my children love each other.

**Update:  I did nothing to respond to the situation.  I firmly believe in not getting into every tizzy at my home.  BTW: it was Adie telling this to Silas and Titus.

Pool Ball worth $5

The price of finding the pool ball has gone up.

#4 ball is missing and no one can find it here at my house.  It is somewhere random, but if you are visiting know that there is money to be had if you can find that ball.

And yes, Grandpa we will buy a new set if we can’t find it once we move, but can you give us a two week grace to see if it shows up in some random box of toys?


I was at Sam’s club this morning and I asked the lady at the bakery if the rumor was true that they couldn’t hand out their white 5 gal frosting buckets with lids.  (You might be wondering why I would want the buckets.  I store all of my food in then since they are food grade with lids that seal – flour, sugar, oatmeal etc…)

She gave me a disappointed look and said, “Yes, It is a new corporate rule.  Apparently someone who received a “free” bucket stood on it and broke his leg and sued Sam’s Club.”

Seriously people!  I wanted to smack that guy in whatever state he lives in.  Where is the common sense?  Life is not always the other guy’s fault.  It is called natural consequences and my children will understand this concept before they leave the house.