Afternoon Project

We took all the broken crayons and made new ones.  It was a fun way to break up our long afternoon.


We were in the van leaving to go someplace when I looked down and said, “Adie, you have your shoes on the wrong feet.”

She promptly crossed her legs and said, “There!” ( they should look right to you.)

Small group

This what our small group, I mean large group, looks like when they come over and go sledding and have supper with us.  We had a fantastic time hanging out and doing life tonight.  (Almost everyone has 4-6 kids and at that rate one can add many children very quickly.)

Grandpa adventures

This just might overload your pleasure circuits when you are 3 years old…I bet they will have the biggest smiles when they get back.

Double Trouble

I took the triplets outside to play in the snow.  We came in and I told Silas that I just gave him a special treat by going outside.  His reply, “No, you didn’t.  I didn’t get candy.”