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Turkey and family

I have so much to be thankful.

I am slowly working through a book on the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Fascinating and humbling all at the same time.  What these men and their families gave up and fought for are completely remarkable.  Many lost their land, possessions, family and even their own lives so that I may have the freedom to worship God and live in a country where I can pursue life, liberty and happiness.  The amazing thing is that if I keep my eyes on Jesus I gain the rest no matter what my circumstances are in life.  With Jesus I have life, freedom and joy that knows no bounds.  I pray that I can keep my focus each and every minute.

Laundry and pride

God can humble me so quickly.

Just the other day I thought to myself, “Gosh, this laundry thing is going so smoothly. I get a load or two done each day and I am staying on top of folding and I haven’t wrecked a load in about 7 years.” (you know leave something in the pocket like an ink pen and the whole load becomes rags.)

Today was the day for my pride to be put into check. Some cute little three year old girl, I won’t mention names, somehow had a piece of lipstick in her bedsheets when I washed them. It wasn’t a problem in the washer but the dryer. Red was her color of choice – it was everywhere, underwear, socks, shirts, pants and mostly on the sheets.   I was bummed over the sheets, but mostly because this adorable sweater that all my kids have worn was wrecked in the process because I threw in those few extra things with the sheets. *sigh*

As I type this, I am washing all the clothes again in hot water.  Time will tell if I can get them clean.

*UPDATE:  I washed all the clothes again in hot water with way too much soap and almost everything came clean.  God was merciful.  The cute sweater?  perfect!

Silas quote

“When we live in Jesus house, do we have to say please and thank you?”