New Meal Policy

A new rule was established at the Larsen house today: unless the house is on fire, you must stay in your chair for the duration of the meal.

P.S. Jack had his first Oreo today. He was so excited to have it in his hand he didn’t know what to do… Until he discovered the filling.

Just to keep track

Silas cranked out another 2.5 gallons of applesauce.

We baked a batch of bread and cookies.

Putting the carseat covers back on takes a lot more time than taking them off.  But now we have a nice clean van and I want to ban all food from ever entering it.  Yeah, that won’t happen because Silas looked at me today and said, “Mom you need to put those pretzels in a bag and put it in the van.”

Me:  “Why?”

“Just in case we get so hungry.”

Speaking of Silas, he is getting his 6 year molars.  Yes, we are keeping his age at 3.5.  Since we homeschool, it is not a big deal on this end.  And if he should decide to play high school sports, he should pretty much rock it out on the field.


Someone has been crying, screaming, whining, or puking all day.

I have taken many, many, many cleansing breaths today.

Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Apple sauce

Silas has cranked out two gallons of sauce already. Actually, he won’t let me near the food mill. He’s such a great helper!