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New Punishment

My mom did this years ago to my brothers and I know they are not scarred for life.

When they were fighting they had to stand or kneel nose to nose.

Did you know that it is really hard to stand nose to nose and keep fighting with someone?

Yesterday was the day that started it at our house.

Silas and Titus were at each others throats all morning. Fighting, tattling, hitting, tattling, pinching, tattling and this went on and on.  Finally, I said, ” Come here boys.  You are now going to stand nose to nose.”

Both of them wrinkled up their eyebrows and said, “huh?”

“Yes you are going to stand nose to nose.”

They stood there for exactly 1.3 seconds before they started laughing.  I then held their heads together (while they were laughing) and made them say, “I love you for ever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living my brother you’ll be.”  It is from the book, I love you forever, except it is a mother rocking her little boy and saying those words ending with “my baby you’ll be.”  Fantastic book, if you are looking for some new reading material for your little ones.

We had two nose to nose sessions yesterday. It worked well.  Thanks Mom for the great idea!  It was invaluable.  We will see how much I will need to use it today.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Skunk

You are not welcome in my garage.  You can leave immediately or better yet you could go into the little cage set up in the garage so that I can actually go in there.  We’ve lost too much sleep last night trying to get you out…please leave.

Hide and Seek

My triplets, bless their souls, are the only kids I know who can play hide and seek in a swimming pool with only 4 children in it.  Oh, and they have to stay behind the black line while in swimming lessons.  So they are playing in 1/10 of the pool.  It is quite hilarious to watch.

Dear Larsen Children

Rest time from 1 to 2 pm is now a nonnegotiable for all Larsens.

No matter how much whinning, fussing, complaining, screaming, crying, moaning, humphing, and  blank stares you give me, it will still take place.  As a matter of fact, if you choose to partake in one of those activities you have just earned yourself another hour of rest because you surely must need it.

This will last until you move out.  Trust me, you will thank me in about 10 years.  You might even beg for a longer time.

I love you all!



I am guessing we had about 175 people here yesterday – that includes children.  Here are a few snapshots of the night.  I am looking forward to the 2nd annual “Family Meeting” next year!

There was a long line, but well worth it!

We had a “Family Meeting” instead of a “Business Meeting” after the dinner.  I just love that the name was changed.  A church isn’t a business…it is a family.

This is seriously my favorite picture of the night.  It says it all…so much fun he fell asleep.