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First and foremost Jack is on my mind.

He popped his first tooth. I just found out 3 minutes ago. He was Mr. Crabby pants and I couldn’t figure out why and then I put my finger in his mouth to feel something sharp. Wow! 4.5 months old is too young to start teething especially when I am breastfeeding.

We had a jammed packed fun-filled day today: church, spaghetti lunch to help raise $ for youth mission trips, a friend stopped by after that to visit, and then small group social. This really filled up my social tank. And this is after I was able to get my haircut and go out to dinner with a friend last Wednesday and on Thursday we had a family over for dinner and the adults went out for dessert afterwards. I have been blessed and encouraged by the body of Christ this week.

I leave you tonight with a Titus story:

Carl was in the kitchen cleaning up supper. Titus was standing next to him growling and making all sorts of noises. (Just a little too much for the daddy) So Carl says, “Titus stop acting like a puppy.” To which he reply’s, “Hee Haw…I a donkey.”

Haircut for Bunkie

One night, well after all the children should have been sleeping, Adie comes into the office totally out of her mind saying, “Silas called me Bunkie.”
Carl and I busted a gut laughing. We couldn’t contain ourselves. Now the nickname has stuck and she is officially Bunkie…for the record she likes her name now.

The new haircut is because we have swimming lessons here in a few weeks. She only “lets” me comb her hair when I sit on her every other day with a brush in hand. I am thankful we finally convinced her to cut it. Notice, my hair is shorter too!

Less hair for the summer means one happy momma.

Protect Life?

Our sign was defaced again over the weekend.
Seriously – it is becoming quite annoying. The same people did it because they used the same color paint.
But they didn’t use spray paint with it this time so Grace and Lydia helped me to wash all the paint off on Sunday afternoon.

We had great talks while we scrubbed. We concluded that it must be someone who is hurting because hurt people want to lash out at others. It gave me a great opportunity to pray for this person or a group of people because I need to see them as Jesus sees them…hurt, lost and lonely and in need of a savior.

So if I have to scrub my sign every weekend I will do that for the glory of God.

The pains of adoption

A couple of nights ago I had the opportunity to talk with a friend on the phone for about an hour.  You see they are in the middle of an adoption and things seem to be going no where.  Nothing is happening.  Papers aren’t being signed like they should be which means they can’t have a court date and the list goes on and on.

I know her pain.  I know the mental, physical and spiritual battle that rages in her body.  She wants her little boy home, not sitting in some orphanage with cold dark walls and no one to love him like she does.  There is nothing that she can do but plead with God for his mercy in bringing her little guy home.

This is the part of adoption that you can’t understand unless you have been there.  It is like giving birth, you have no idea what it is like until you go into labor.  The REALLY hard part about adoption is that there is no time limit on your “labor pains.”  With a natural birth, there is a limit.  You will not be 43 weeks pregnant…I am sure of it.  You are not an elephant- not matter if you feel like one.  Adoption is an open time line in which you don’t know the ending.  Is it this month, year or years away?

As women it is VERY hard to disconnect.  My boys were always but a breath away from my thoughts.  I thought about them all the time, were they laughing, hurt, lonely, tired, or scared.  It was a hard balance of complete obsession to constant prayers.  It was a time where I literally had to take every thought captive and turn it towards Jesus.

It was wonderful to encourage my friend with the word especially with one of my favorite verses for that season in my life.

“For still the vision awaits its appointed time;
it hastens to the end—it will not lie.
If it seems slow, wait for it;
it will surely come; it will not delay.”  Habakkuk 2:3

If you are in this season of life, Jesus is here for you. Make sure you have people speaking truth into your life…sometimes I  needed scripture read by others for it to sink in.  Reach out!  Ask for prayers and let people pray over you and for your adoption!