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We went to visit a friend at the hospital who just had a baby this morning.

All EIGHT of us.

It was great. The kids were good, quiet and respectful the whole time.

I sometimes forget that my boys are still experiencing new things.

We all get into the elevator to leave…no big deal…we all get off the elevator…

no wait…we all didn’t get off the elevator. I realized that Titus was still on the elevator as the door closed and proceeds to go down to the basement. It was like in Home Alone when she screams…”Kevin!” If it wasn’t for my fast thinking husband who ran down two flights of stairs to go and rescue him, I don’t know what I would have done. Because he would have darted out of the doors as soon as it opened on a different floor.

All I could think about was how traumatized he was going to be, but he actually thought it was funny…not so much to me.

Just another adventure for the Larsen’s.

I never thought I would…

The bathroom is a VERY public place at our house.

It just has to be. Privacy will happen when more people can wipe their own little bottoms.

The bathroom is a great place for conversation and talking about life.

Pretty much it is a happening place around here.

Tonight, brought it to a whole new level.

I am being honest about the chaos that is pretty much a constant around here.

Adie was busy on the toilet. If there is one thing I have learned, it is hard to hurry that girl along. It must be her idea that she is done.

Titus came in doing the potty dance. He pulled down his jammies and pulled off the cloth pull-up and waited with happy feet. Adie was NOT finished yet. I pleaded with her to hurry up because Titus needed to use the toilet. I looked over and he was starting to go. So with one quick motion I swooped him up and let him pee in the sink. Gross and disgusting, I know. But it was better than watching him pee all over. To make this story even better, I was holding a screaming Jack in my other arm while I was doing this.

If there were Mommy Olympics…this event would have won gold.

(I did disinfect the sink after the event:)

Adie? Still dandling her legs on the toilet.

Nana and Papa

We love it when they come back from Montana to visit.

I am thankful to spend two days with them while Carl is gone on business because it makes my life a whole lot easier.

The “big” kids (everyone except Jack) got to go to the bakery this morning with Nana and Papa. mmmm…mmmm
This place is my weakness. I LOVE their chocolate covered cake doughnuts. I am thankful it is an hour drive here …it makes it much easier to say no. I would be addicted if this bakery was down the street.

Back to playing.


Someday my kids will not scream and cry over everything.

Give the dirty jobs (ie: sorting the potty cloth pull-ups for washing) to the 6 year old.
Why didn’t I think of this sooner? When you have 5 kids that wet the bed …not including Jack…that is a lot of potty pull ups. (I don’t give them water after supper and we make them all go to the bathroom before bed…they are all heavy sleepers. This too shall pass)

I detest clutter. Yuck. It makes my brain cluttered when my house is cluttered. We just took out the spring attire and can’t put away winter stuff knowing that it will more than likely snow at least one more time this year. Snow boots/rainboots…winter coats/spring coats…winter hats/sunhats…the volcano has erupted at my house. This doesn’t even compare to the craft cupboards….don’t even open them – they are scary!

Titus is an Ethiopian with a Texas accent. It is hilarious when he says, “Whatcha dooooooo (pause) aaan?

The girls are having a sleepover at Nana and Papa’s house tonight and then I will go there tomorrow with my boys. We love it when they come back from Montana to visit.

Tomorrow I meet with the accountant for taxes. I am glad that she can hold my hand and tell me that it is not that bad. The “good student syndrome” in me doesn’t want to be audited and find that I made mistakes somewhere. I guess I should check my pride off at the door and admit I really don’t know what I am doing when it comes to Quickbooks – but I try.

Randomness at its best.


Sunshine is one of God’s amazing blessings of spring. It has been rainy and dreary all week and that was the condition of my heart – blah! But today, oh my, I heard a great sermon at church this morning that I will be chewing on for the rest of my life and when I walked outside afterward, the sun was shining.

It was one of those moments where you stand and take a deep breath to take it all in.

We spent over 3 and a half hours outside this afternoon riding bikes in our driveway and enjoying the beautiful day. I am praying it stays like this for 2 months. If there was ever a year that I need spring to come early, it would be this year.