Family Weekend

This is my family Christmas. We are rapidly increasing in numbers.


Surprise Spa Day

My mom came to town on Friday morning to get her hair cut and then she was going to come over and hang out and we were going to drive back to her house together with the kids since Carl had to work on Sat. (We had my family Christmas on Saturday and the boys hadn’t met some of my brothers yet so we wanted to get there early and hang out.)

Anyway, back to the story. She came into my house and said, “Hey, you better get going. You have an apppointment with Jody to get your hair done.”


“Merry Christmas!”

My mom came and watched all the kids while I left only to find out when I got there that she had arranged for me to get a massage, haircut and color. I was feeling pretty pampered when I arrived home 3 hours later. Thanks mom for a great Christmas present.

Now, I am hanging out at my parents with all the kids running around. I am glad the adult to kid ratio is still pretty darn good. Give it a few more years and life will really be crazy on my side of the family!

Prayers for me

I don’t know why it is so humbling to have to ask for prayers for myself. God delights when his people pray and He desires us to pray. Then why do I struggle in wanting to write this post?

My pregnancy has really taken a toll on my body to the point where I am in constant pain. I try to hide it the best I can but yesterday I was at the point of tears and even had some during the morning. The way I am carrying this little guy has put my butt muscles into spasms all the time. If I want to move, it will send sharp shooting pains up my back and down my legs. There are also pregnancy related butt issues. Most women will understand exactly what I am saying.

So I finally said it, “Will you pray for my butt?”

I find it comical that this is my prayer request. I think it would sound so much better to say, “my arm, my head and even my big toe.” But my butt is so…so…I don’t even have the words to say, funny maybe?

I am going to have a good laugh once this baby decides to show up in the world and feel so much better. I technically have 3 1/2 weeks left and I am praying for less.

Want to know another humbling thing for me? It is another, “I never…” statement or thought that I had.

I waddle. Just like a duck – back and forth and back and forth.

I never wanted to waddle. I think pregnant women that waddle are so cute, but I didn’t want to be that. I wanted to carry my little basketball in front of me and walk normal. I just need to ban that phrase from my head, “I never…” But the mind is so quick to think that.

I made cornbread for breakfast…I better go and check it. Thanks for praying!

New normal

We are adjusting to our new normal around here.

CRAZY! Not that we weren’t a little crazy before, but we just kicked it up a level. I spend half my day in the bathroom between myself and three two-year-olds. I think it is comical the absurd amount of time that can be spent in that one room.

My parents came last night and spent the night with us. They also babysat the kids while Carl and I went to the movie Blind Side and went to Perkins afterwords. I think the last movie I went to in the theater was Narnia. (That was a few years ago…oh I just looked it up, it was 4 years ago.) Carl loves going to the movies, but I like to watch them at home. So, I don’t want to waste money on something that is not that enjoyable for me, plus you can’t talk at the movies. When I go out on a date, you have to talk otherwise I think it doesn’t count as a date. Side note: I did have fun last night because Blind Side is about an amazing adoption story.

The other day the triplets got into the coconut oil and lotion after they went to bed. They all got into it earlier in the day and knew that they were NOT supposed to play with them. One of them climbed the built in dresser and pulled it out from the back shelf. They put it all over the beds and comforters. They themselves looked like greased little pigs. I was not a happy camper when I found them. The hard part is that each of them takes turns being the instigator of trouble. What one doesn’t think of the other two will. Most days I just stand there and shake my head thinking, “O Lord help me!”

All in all we are doing well and looking forward to celebrating Christ’s birth.

Non-biological Triplets


Here they are! Adie is definitely bigger but then again, I don’t think Silas and Titus’s birth parents are 5’7 and 6’3 (that makes a difference!) I truly believe they are all within a couple of months of each other. Silas and Titus were given the birth date of 6/16/07.

You should see how people tilt their head to the side and their eyebrows scrunch up when I say that I have non-biological triplets. Or when they ask if the boys are twins…I just say non-biological twins. This satisfies them until they start thinking about it and then they feel silly to ask any more questions on the subject.

If you are wondering what Silas has all over him, the kids were making home-made stickers and they put them all over him. He thought he was so funny.