Missing my Mac

Carl has needed the Mac laptop all week because we hired in a friend to help with a huge project. So I have had to use the PC computer and it is not friendly. I miss my computer. I actually am sitting here on it right now while the guys are out on the zipline.

Oh they are back…this is the reason for my lack of blogging.

More later…

Long overwaited picture

Here she is…It fits her personality that she is not looking at the camera. She has a little natural curl that we didn’t know about, so they bounced up pretty short. I can actually pull them down to about her eyebrows. I love that we are finding less food in her hair and I can see her eyes all day long!

At the wedding this weekend, she danced for almost 3 hours straight. Her new favorite is the chicken dance.


and I said, "I would never…"

Give my daughters bangs…well…Adie just got some.

It is sad day.

I never wanted my children to have bangs…But she won’t let me do her hair!


No ponies, bows, clips…etc I can hardly brush it once a day.

So, after much inner turmoil. My SIL did the cutting while I cringed.

Pictures to come, but we have a wedding rehersal to go tonight and I am running late.


I opened my mail from yesterday and found that a check bounced that someone paid for my headscarves with. This means I am out the $15 for the check and then the bank charged me $15 because she didn’t have enough funds her in her account. This is frustrating because I would have rather just given them to her than to be out the extra money. I hope this issue can be resolved and it was a simple mistake. Life lessons always cost money. Now I wonder do I still accept checks?

Weekend happenings…

This weekend I had a shower to welcome in the new Larsen boys. Even though they are not here yet, it was such a blessing to receive so much love from so many different people. I feel so blessed to have family and a church and friends who love what God is doing in our lives and want to celebrate with us. It is only by God’s grace that we are able to do what He calls us to do.

My little clean lion!

Harvest from the cousins’ garden.



Yesterday, the kids were priveldge to go to a bee farm and learn how they get and clean honey. They said it was awesome. Now they all want to have bees too! I love homeschooling! There is always something to learn…an adventure around every corner…I just have to be looking for it!