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One day when I was surfing around blog, I came to a whole long list of thrifty blogs. Now if you know me, I love being thrifty. But I don’t have the time to find which places have this or that on sale and what coupon to use there etc. There are people who devote their whole blog to this, but I couldn’t find one for this areas coupons and sales. I actually prayed that God would lead me to one.

Well, today at a Mom’s social at church I had a woman come up to me and ask me about blogging and she has one and she loves being thrifty…(in my mind I was thinking…Oh my goodness God you are answering my prayer…) So she is going to send me her blog and links and then hopefully the ball will be rolling in this area.

I think her blog will be a great network where we can share all of our ideas in one place. My blog is way to random…who wants to read about money saving ideas one day and the next all about Adie’s crazy adventures?

We all know we like a one stop shop! Until then I leave you in anticipation of money saving ideas…get your thinking caps on central MN and be ready to share soon!

Someday I will write a book

Adie Lynn will be the main person in this book…and how I survived her childhood. Of all kids, she is going to have the best stories or I should say, I will have the best stories to tell.

Yesterday I cleaned out the girls’ closet, drawers and all of my tubs of clothes. We did the great SWITCH OUT! It was crazy…clothes everywhere, kids coming in and out, but we did it! It was a warm fuzzy feeling until I stepped out of the bedroom.

Little bits of finely grated cheddar cheese greeted me when I looked out.


I kept walking down the hallway to find more and more cheese – EVERYWHERE.

When I found her she said, “I hunree.”

This wasn’t the two cup bag of cheese from Coborns…it was the 10 cup from Sam’s Club.

But now I should back up and tell you that for the past week she has been taking her diaper off before she falls asleep at night. What can I say? She likes to sleep nude. This is all fine and dandy if she was night trained. Now I have to wait until she wakes up to change the complete bedding set. Many of you might be thinking why not wake her up and put a diaper on her? Now for most children this would work, but this would throw her into a temper tantrum in which she would tear that diaper off again so I am back to where I started.

She did this again last night…and ended up sleeping with me because I couldn’t get her to calm down, keep her diaper on and go to sleep.

Oh one more thing…She was pretty much potty trained a month ago and now all she wants is diapers during the day. BUT- as soon as she does her business…OFF with the diaper! So – she walked down the hallway from the kitchen to tell me, “I poop! I pooped Momma.”

Too late…out comes Mr. Clean!

These are the events of the past 24 hours.

Of my girls, I am the most curious as to what God has called Adie to do with her life. I pray it is something wild and crazy for Him.

Susan Boyle

I just watched this video off of another blog that I read. It was a humbling experience to watch because I am so guilty of making judgments myself. I was crying as I watched her sing because I couldn’t help to think of all the people out there with amazing gifts who never have a chance to shine because they aren’t what the world would call beautiful.

Project Night

I am having a project night at my house this Friday night at 7:30, so if any of you ladies live near me and have a little project that you have been wanting to get done…come on over! I would love to hang out with you while eating some yummy cake. Leave me a comment with your email and I will get you directions to my house.

Be blessed today.


We had Easter at our house this year. It was a great family get together with my grandparents, mom, two brothers, my in-laws, my aunt, friends etc. We all went to church and it was splendid!

My mother-in-law and Mom

Uncle Chris and Adie…”Faster”


It was a beautiful day to play outside and go down the zip line.