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Adoption update

We have our home study on the calendar for January 6th! Yeah! The crazy part is that if we would have been home this weekend, she would have done it then! WOW!

Now we need to head down to the police station to have them write up a little notice that we have not committed any crimes:)

I was encouraged to talk to our social worker today. She is on our side and wants us to adopt! You don’t always get that vibe when you talk to people in the adoption world.

I am now off to read to my girls and put them to bed.

We’re back…

We just made it back from my parent’s house. The mid-day snowstorm put a little damper as to the time we were going to leave. But we had a great time hanging out at Papa and Nana’s house and even got in a little Christmas caroling.

Now we are off to the cousins for some yummy soup!


The assignment:
Take a picture of yourself right NOW!
DON’T change your clothes, DON’T fix your hair… Just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture.

So this is what I look like after having the whole day without my girls. My parents are simply amazing. They drove an hour last night to pick up my girls so they could have one extra day with Nana and Papa. Now this means, We have 24 hours with no children in the house. I have been on a terror cleaning, organizing and I have a whole lot more that I would like to get done. Oh – I even got to go on a walk with my sister-in-law without children! (that is unheard of around here!)

One would think I would have showered by now, but hey, I still have time.

So, If you are reading my blog…you are tagged! I am looking forward to your pictures!


Flashback Friday


This was the last snow fall of the year last year in SF. We took advantage of the 30+ degree day and made a family of snowmen. I was a little sentimental about it knowing that we were moving in a couple of months. Grace and Lydia were standing next to the snowman that “looked like them.” Notice that it can’t be too cold outside if Lydia is wearing her rain boots instead of her winter boots.



Gracie’s getting married…

This morning at 7:00 am I let all the kids come out of the bedroom – (They were up at 5:50, but we have a rule that you must stay in your bed until 7 – so same rules apply when the cousins are here.)
Grace informed everyone at the breakfast table that she was going to marry Simon.

Then she told me, “You know mom, he is 3 1/2”

I had to correct her and tell her that he did just turn 4.

“Well, I need to be older than him, so that I can take my driver’s test first.”

“Oh, that’s great honey. I am sure Betsy will be really happy that she can be apart of our family.”

I am kind of glad that she arranged her own marriage.

Oh Grace I would love for you to stay by baby girl forever! But I know all too soon you will be walking down the isle. Until then, I am going to cherish everyday!