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loved beyond all measure | I am determined to change the world, and right now I'm doing it one child at a time.


Every year between Christmas and New Years we head to Duluth to hang with the cousins.

This year there were 19 cousins because we welcomed Kadi and Selah into the family. With a windchill -45 degrees, we had to spend almost all our time indoors. The house was filled with lots of love and laughter,


When the boys were skiing, the girls were busy.

Look who’s 5

She was very excited to turn 5 so that she could go rock climbing at the YMCA.

We love you to the moon and back, Ava.


Just received a text from one of our students saying that yesterday was his best night in the U.S.

All worth it.

Christmas Eve

God’s writing a wonderful story in which I’m so blessed to be a part of that story. I love Christmas because it brings the world to my table to celebrate God coming to the world to save us.

We let the kids exchange their gifts tonight.


We’ve loved having Soniya here the past couple of days since she had nothing to do all break, she is living with us. We are learning about Nepal and her culture. I love her smile and giggle because it is so contagious.

Trying new things

I went to a spinning class yesterday for the first time in over ten years. I felt like a little kid going to kindergarten for the first time; a little nervous because I had no idea what I was doing. After 5 min, I remembered why I never went back to spinning class, my rear end was on fire. I kept telling myself that I could do anything for 30 minutes. Just fake it until you make! At the end, I was glad I went because doing something new and working different muscle groups is always good for the body and soul. Here’s to next Thursday and getting to class! I have to thank my friend Katie for encouraging me to go with her. Everything is better together.