Celebrate big

She loves a party. We’ve been planning for weeks. Double birthday party with a really great friend whose birthday is on Feb 1.

Ice skating, dinner, a scavenger hunt and dress up with old prom and formal dresses.

Hard Day

Today was hard.

One of those beat your head against the wall kind of days. Working with the county, advocating for your child, only to be denied. We are crushed. He is more crushed and that really hurts this momma’s heart.

But we are going to rally tomorrow because it is a new day. There are new morning mercies. We will keep fighting and advocating. The story isn’t over. God is bigger than anything Satan can throw at us.

We ended our evening with our best friends. It’s good to have joy amidst the trials.

How to make fried rice

Adie’s secret recipe

How to make fried rice

Make normal white rice, you should know how to do this.

Chop up a quarter up to half of an onion. Chop up as much carrots as you want. Get as much peas as you want.

Fry it all up with multiple eggs.

Grab Yum Yum sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and soy sauce. Next grab salt and pepper, those seed things, and garlic.

Grab the big pot and throw a butt ton of butter in. Put in rice and pre-fried vegetables and eggs. Add a bloop bloop of fishers and oyster sauce then add a ton of yummy sauce and a medium amount of soy sauce.

Next add salt and pepper, garlic, and those tan seeds. Add more butter if you want. Let’s fry until crispy and yummy. If you want to add or take out anything else you’re free to do that.

*those seed things = toasted sesame seeds