Dock is out!!

We slowed down yesterday morning and put out the dock, made a fire and had hot dogs for lunch. Life schooling is about teaching rhythm and not just rat race.

We had an amazing field trip on orienteering at St John’s University in the afternoon. Beautiful day to enjoy God’s creation.

STEM indoor skydiving

Today I set Carl up for a parenting win. He took 4 kids down to the cities for the best field trip ever. The pictures are all you need. They are addicted and are trying to figure out how to save $250 so they can do a week summer camp there.

Portable Vision Art Show

Tonight was the culmination of a semester’s worth of work. We are so proud of Lydia and the beautiful woman she is becoming. Her art is simply impressive.


Adie jumps into the van after a night at YFC Portable Vision and says, ”Whew, it stinks like B.O. in here.

Jacks replies without missing a beat, ”Well, you better get used to it if you ever want to get married.”

She was silenced.