Theme Birthday Party

Lydia went to a birthday party last night dressed up as a 1950’s woman. She did a great job pulling off the hair.

Adie went as Elvis.

Full day

We went over to the neighbor’s house to help with yard work. It was fun to see the kids work hard and earn a little spending money.

Walmart/Sam’s run with these three plus Lydia.

Came home to a clogged sink. Big bummer because I have to call a plumber. I didn’t remind Titus to not put leftover rice down the disposal. What happens is that it goes down the pipes and cloggs up 10-20 ft away from the sink. Ugh!! I think it is time to call it a day and go to bed.

Max finally does school

Max finally did school today. He pretty throws daily fits about doing…a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!!

And look over and find this…

St. John’s

We took 4 kids for a hike at St. John’s late this afternoon. We showed them the spot where Carl proposed.


Adie was in Joseph tonight and it was a fantastic performance. It is so much fun to watch her shine on stage. The cousins came down for the performance and Grandpa and Grandma made a special supper.

The boys hung out with Grandpa and Grandma while we were all gone. Max scored a ride in the plane.