Front seat rider

“I love sitting up front to be able to push all the buttons and pick the radio station.”

It’s the little things that are big things when you raise a large family. Who knew that pushing buttons would bring her great joy?


Someday he will willingly with a joyful heart do his school, until then it is wailing, whining and day dreaming.

Ski Day

There are so many benefits to life schooling- one of them being afternoon skiing on a “school” day. Morgan and Lydia were apparently making funny faces.


We have lots of fun FaceTime Dad while he travels.

Off to the ranch

We sent this big out to the ranch to hang with Nana and Papa for a couple of weeks. He was so excited to work with calves, drive the mule and hang with his little cousins.

We had to stop at the Sauk Centre bakery. It brings back all sorts of happy memories of my childhood. The chocolate covered cake doughnuts are my absolute favorites.

I’ve already heard a great report back from his Aunt Stacie. We miss him tons but this life schooling is the best.