Spring/winter cleaning

Today was supposed to be spring cleaning day. We are in the midst of a huge snowstorm. Carl is stuck in the cities. He spent the whole day at the airport trying to get to DC for a job, but they shut everything down.

We didn’t get the whole list done, but we bit off a pretty big chunk. Lydia had to add the word “winter” to my spring cleaning list.

He is so cute that we need to add his picture.

Beauty and the Beast

I’m so proud of our little “Chip!” Adie did awesome in her role. She was made for the stage and it is such a delight to watch her shine. Lydia and Adie made their LEGO presentation of Beauty and the Beast.


Soniya came over tonight and we made some delicious food.

20 years and 1 month

Guest post by Carl:

20 years and 1 month ago, I met Angel Larsen for the first time ever, at a play, on a Friday the 13th.

Tonight, on Friday the 13th, we watched our daughter in a play, and I couldn’t be happier.

What a glorious journey it’s been so far.

Baptism Sunday

We are so proud of Jack and Grace. They decided to be baptized this past Sunday. It’s a joy and delight to watch them grow in the Lord.