Adie quote

“I just love it when I can have a lightly toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese. It just fills up my love tank!!”


Soniya came today to hang out and to make dumplings. Oh my word, they were so good!!

Max loves Soniya. (We all love her, but there is something special between them.) He usually saves all his affection for me, but now I have to share. I love their little bond.

Makeup lesson

We had a friend come over to teach Grace some fun techniques for applying makeup. Someone is growing up way too fast.

Silas quote about life

Silas’ thought of the day:
“If it is illegal to kill a person, why is it okay to kill a baby before it is born?”

I love that logic is starting to mull around in his mind.
Great discussions are happening.

He followed it up with, “they must not think he (baby)is a person.”

Calvary Cleaning Club

A couple of weeks back, I was pondering how I connect best with women.  It is not really going out for coffee or tea or doing a crafts.  I realized that I thrive when I am serving along side women.  Living life on mission together excites me. It inspires me. It presses me deeper with Jesus.  Thus, God gave me the idea of a cleaning club.  I have seen it before where women go and clean each other houses, but I thought it could be bigger.

Could I gather women from all ages at our church to love families whom they might not know? Would anyone want to join me?

Let’s say the response was way better than I could expect.  Just one little post to our member FB page had over 20 women say they were on board and they were excited about it.

Last night we had our first night cleaning the house of a pregnant woman in our church due with her 5th baby in April.  It was so exciting to see 9 of us working, sharing life, and loving big together.

I am looking forward to seeing this grow into what God has planned for it!