Grace broke out her sandals yesterday. She is my girl who would love one week of winter. I’m guessing she will be living someplace warm when she moves out.

5k Pot of Gold

We all had a great time this morning. Met up with the Schneider zoo and came back home for brunch. Kenji and Greg came up for the race too.


(hat courtesy of Lydia)

Syntyche’s hat

The second hat Lydia made was a huge flop in her eyes. It turned out huge!! She was so sad at the hour and hours she put into it. I told her we would find someone. “Mom, there is no one with a head that big!”

Well, her last statement may be true but we didn’t take into account African hair. Syntyche surprised us on Saturday night and told us how hard it was to find a hat with all her hair.

BOOM! We knew just the hat!!

The Gathering

God is so gracious to us by gathering amazing people around our table.