Adie made cookies

Aide made cookies for the cast of Beauty and the Beast.


Grandpa took Jack and Max on an adventure this morning for their school time. We are blessed to have such opportunities.


Jack hates Cheerios.

He despies them.

Can’t stand the smell or even the sight of the box and he is very vocal in letting us know this crazy quirk. So much so, that no one can handle it anymore, especially Carl.

A couple days ago, Carl threatened that Jack would have to eat a bowl of Cheerios if he heard anymore.

That threat came to fruition this afternoon.

Jack lost his mind this morning; screaming, wailing, door slamming, things flying.

Oh boy…

He lasted until 2 pm without eating anything. Then he humbly ate his bowl of cheerios and apologize.

Whew…new morning mercies for him tomorrow..