Science lessons

About 3.5 weeks ago, we think Jack might have broken a bone in his hand. Our good friend sells braces and refitted Jack for his brace because he broke the first one. It didn’t surprise me since he rock climbs, swims and bikes like a crazy kid.

We think he’s pretty much healed, but he’s going to wear the brace when he is on the wild side of activities.

Baby Alicia

This is the sweet baby that I got to help welcome in the world and was the first person to lay eyes on her.

Saturday soccer

My boys are really starting to get into soccer especially Jack. He comes off the field a sweaty mess with a huge smile on his face. Thankful for a homeschool community to play every Saturday morning in the fall.

The Gathering

It was a fun to gather our students again. I had a great conversation on friendship and why we need authentic community.

Plus today we added South Sudan as another country.

New Skill

Yesterday I learned a new skill, driving the boat. I had never driven a boat before. It was a beautiful day to learn as we brought it in for the summer. Next summer I’m going to drive all the time. It was a blast.