Some days are hard. 
The End. 

SiTi adventures 

Silas and Titus were blessed to go camping/rock climbing with friends the past 4 days. 

Rocking the YMCA

Three pairs of shoes came in the mail today and there were three happy kids.  

The Gathering

We didn’t get everyone in the pictures, but it was a wonderful Sunday. 10 nations represented. Super talk with a Muslim friend about religious freedom and what it means to be counted righteous in Jesus. At one point, it was so loud with conversations that I stood back in awe. All different people and cultures coming together to share life. 


D.C. /Catipillar Camp

Carl and I had the opportunity to be on a panel for religious freedom with the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C.  

The kids went to Catipillar/Farm Camp with the Voelkers. I got this text from Krista.  I laughed all day thinking about it. 

Notice max plugging his nose. 

Coming out of the pig pen 

Max: I barfed a little in my mouth.