Adie water skied 

Adie’s first time up on skis. She was a determined little girl this time and I knew she would get it. 


We celebrated 50 years of life for one of our dearest friends – Susan Molesky. She is a gem. One of the most patient, kind hearted, self sacrificing, loving, generous people I know. I want to be like Susan when I grow up. 

It was a glorious afternoon and evening with family and friends who feel like family. 

Max quote

“Mom, mom…come see my little cut on my belly.”

“Oh, I see it.”

“It’s not jelly or anything.”

Lake weekend

We invited friends last minute to come to the lake and it worked out. It was a beautiful Friday and Saturday. We wore him out. But he popped up to eat supper. 

Family kickball

We’ve been walking down to Whitney Park for a family game of kickball.