Happy 6th Birthday Max

Our spunky fun loving 6 year old had a little party tonight with good friends. 

You are loved Max Duane. 

Planning School

God bless homeschooling mommas with large families that have gone before me. I am a tish overwhelmed planning and wondering how I am going to make it.  But just knowing that others have survived and even thrived gives me hope!






Yes to the best and no to the rest. (and that means no music lessons this fall. *gasp*)


Camping in Itasca


One could say many words but I’ll keep it simple. 

Fun. Rainy. Wet. Smelly. Bike rides. Friends

Breakfast in bed 

This morning a sweet note was set by our bed. 

Next two little girls brought us this. 

It was so very sweet and kind way to start our morning.