Adie and Julia

Adie loves being able to pass her old clothes to Julia and Lydia passes hers to Adie. Boom! You get to match one of your best friends. 

5 kids to camp

We dropped off 4/5 happy campers. It’s to be expected around here. I’m looking forward to hearing their stories. 

Since some of friends are leaders this week, they offered to drive our van back on Friday to save me 6 hours of driving.  

Van swap

On our way back, we stopped at our best friends’ parent’s house. Jack and Max went swimming and we enjoyed yummy treats. Spontaneous = an amazing evening

Real life Snapchat filter

Adie made we a crown from the flowers in our yard.  Carl thought it was a real Snapchat filter. 


On Thursday, Carl along with Rick Rassier, took Silas, Titus and Jack kayaking for their first time down the river this year. 

Jack came back and told Carl, “Dad, what’s that disease where you forget things?”

“You mean Alzheimer’s?”

“Yeah, I never want to have that because I want to remember this day for the rest of my life.”

Needless to say, he came back beaming. Jack is my 100% boy, risk taker, adventure seeker, live life to the fullest kind of kid. 

Today Adie and Max had a turn too down the river. Adie will match the boys sport for sport.

Max was such a big kid. I was the shuttle mom with drop off and leaving the van for them at the end.  I even waited for Max at the end of his trip. 

The three boys got another turn today too. 

That’s three trips for Carl in one day.