Boys and Girls Club/Kidstop show

Since the kids have helped with the Talahi Kidstop Unicycling all year, they performed with 2 new unicyclists from Kidstop at We Are One event. 

I sat next to EZ, waiting for the show to start. He was bubbling with excitement. He looked in the program and found his name written in it. Oh, the joy in his voice over the fact that his name was there.  It made the whole year of volunteering worth it. 

He looked at me and said, “I’m so nervous but I think I’m more excited!”

At the beginning of the year, he couldn’t ride a unicycle and now he was performing in a show. That is a huge accomplishment. I was so proud of all the kids that night.  


Jack and Adie have been in pretend land a ton lately. It has been so fun to watch them interact. 

Planting the garden

It was a sweet and precious time to plant the garden with Jack and Max. I loved every minute from the questions to bug collecting to finally putting the seeds in the ground. 

Cleaning and flowers 

Adie was supposed to clean the windows last week and didn’t do a good enough job that she needed to redo them today. She threw a big stink and Max volunteered to wash them for her. 

We went to the park to pick up trash and on the way home they picked me a bouquet of flowers.