Most wonderful place

I seem to keep finding children in my bed. 

Ava at rest time

Max at bedtime

Borrow a bunny

We have such great friends, who are letting us borrow their bunny. The kids are just smitten over him. 

Never in a million years would I have thought there would be a bunny in our house and yet, here I am. 

Let summer begin

Max hates socks and shoes. I was telling a friend today that I was so happy I found a pair in our stash that he liked. Not even an hour later, he crying because the shoes are “itchy.”  Mercy child!

I told him to pull out the Chacos today. 

He has happy feet. Let’s hope it stays warm enough for him until next November. 

Saturday fun

We had an adventure to the Cities today.  Since Grace, Lydia and Silas are taking a World Religions course, we took  family trip to see the largest Hindu Temple in the United States.  We were THAT family going into the Restaurant Depot today.  We had a sign a waver for our kids to be in the store.  I was pumped to find Halal chicken.  One of our Muslim students requested that I make the Easter Sunday meal of Tikka Masala so that he could eat it. 80 lbs of chicken later and a whole cart full of food we left the store.

This is how cool Greg is to my kids.  He drove over from his place, just to walk around a grocery store with us before he had another commitment.  

On Zafar’s recommendation, we stopped at the Tii Cup and tried shaved snow.  I know, we paid for snow, yellow snow even.  Surprisingly, it was really good.  

Grace had to try the phyllo dough that we got and made apple turnovers.

We had a few extra bananas that needed to be used.

Lydia has been a busy girl sewing dolls to sell.


Crowded House

One of our Saudi students and his fiancé blessed us last night by making Kabsa (a traditional Arabic meal).  Oh my goodness, it was delicious.  Silas and Titus finished off all the leftovers this afternoon.Grace rocked out the treats for Crowded House.  Everything disappeared during the evening. A fun game of PictionaryI went to bed with a full heart last night.  One of our students told us that he thinks many students won’t remember many of their classes or what they learned but they will remember coming to our house and  being loved.  He said that every student at SCSU should come over and we should start handing out flyers to make that happen.  (that cracked me up.)