Mother/daughter/plus the littlest brother

Grace and I had a fun adventure over to SCSU this afternoon to get a henna tattoo. 

We were both a little bummed that after it dried it was a light orange, but we still had a great time together. Max tagged along. 

She’s loving school

She loves school. 

Can’t get enough of it. 

It has been awhile since I’ve had an eager beaver for worksheets. She is so proud of herself and even had to show her Grandma in Cameroon. 

Nations around our table

Sunday was such a highlight for us. We had over 60 people over for lunch and had 14 countries represented. I love loving people. 


Because of a few generous friends, Carl was able to take 5 kids plus 1 friend skiing today. It was a super warm 55 degree day but they had fun together. He spent the afternoon with his mini-me adventure kid.  


It’s a process. Lydia is the master designer around here. She helped Jack with his deer, gave Adie pointers and made pretty cute unicorn herself. 

Max and I worked on his together.