We matched. 

Ava has been super cuddly lately, asking for extra snuggles and lap time. She was tickled when I pulled out my purple shirt to match her this morning. 

Girls Night

Last night we had a girls night with Melissa Lindsey and Lularoe. 

It was a fun night to hang out and try on clothes. I now can’t wait to wear my leggings.  

Max reads his first book

Oh my sweetness. He was so proud to read his very first book. There is something amazing to watch someone learn how to read. The whole world is opening up right before his eyes. 

So this happened yesterday

The first I thought when Carl brought this home was, “Oh great! More things that pee and poop.”

I think I’m warming up to the idea. Maybe the new discipline strategy will be to make them stand and stare at the fish.