Monday fun

We had a great day yesterday. After going to co-op, we took home four friends which made for a full van. 

Later we went to Kidstop to help teach unicycling. I’ve been so blessed to watch this flourish. We are hoping to raise more funds so we can start this at another Kidstop in town. I’m excited to see what God is going to do here. I love all these kids. 

Max and Daddy had a special date to the cities and picked up cupcakes for Grace to try and we benefitted from the little treat. 

My heart is full tonight as I get ready for bed. I had special snuggles with of my kiddos. I love my husband deeply and I know my identity is in Christ. 

Daddy’s home

After being gone for a whole week, we are so happy to have the daddy home. 

Life is better with Carl home. 


I can always get morning snuggles from my Max. 

Two Besties

Almost everyday Ava asks for a sleeper at Milayna’s house. They giggled all afternoon. 

Tonight Ava surprised me. I sung a song to her that I used to sing to all my babies when they were in their cribs. 

Cover this child with grace

Cover this child with mercy

Protect her from the evil one

Cover this child with Jesus 

I felt like I was supposed to sing that over her tonight. When I was finished, she said, “Mom, you used to sing that song when I was a baby and I slept in the crib.”

I honestly think it’s been almost two years since I sung that song and somehow she knew. 


Anne’s new puppy

I never did mention that we have an extra person living with us.  Anne moved in about a month ago bringing us to a full house. Well, we were full before, but what’s one more?

Today she got her new puppy, Howie. The kids were in heaven playing with him today. Silas got a sweet little nap in with him.