7th Annual Winter Camp

The fun and games have begun.

16 kids – 4 parents and 2 Grandparents

Foosball Tournament has begun.  The winner has yet to be crowned.

The attempt at a pyramid.  They never made it to completion.

The Bettendorfs got a new hot tub and there are many happy boys.

Hannah made Carl a new hat for Christmas.The dog from the Grinch?  I think it works for the play.
I will take a nap with my little boy every time he asks because one of these days will be the last.  These moments are priceless.


Ava’s 4th Birthday

Sweet Ava turned 4 years old on December 27th.  She had her best friend over for a little party.  Ava is our always talking, asking questions, hopping everywhere kid.  She is loved and cherished.

What day is it?

The week between Christmas and NewYear’s is always the week where we lose track of what day it is and what we are supposed to be doing.  We’ve been getting things done around the house and making memories. Carl took the big kids to the movies, while Jack, Max and myself had a little Minions movie date in my bed.

Killer after Christmas find via FB Garage Sale page…over 30lbs of legos for $100.  The kids pooled their money to buy this new stash.

Carl is the coolest Daddy ever.  The basement will never be the same.  I am praying there are no broken bones.  I guess as a mom of 4 boys, I will be praying this until they leave the house and pay for their own medical bills.

There is no better place to fall asleep when you are 6 years old than by the Christmas tree.
Jack made himself a fancy snack.  He was quite proud of the set up.

Christmas Day

We started the day with church and then had our Christmas lunch of chicken tortilla soup with many friends.  Grace taught Brendan and Syntyche how to make a tart.

We will miss Fatima and Jumanah because they are going back to Saudi Arabia soon, but I hope we can still communicate via FB.

Christmas Eve

One of my favorite times of the year is singing Silent Night a cappella on Christmas Eve.We were blessed to have many new faces around our table this Christmas Eve.  Honestly, I didn’t know how many people were coming, but there is always room for one more.  

Max was super excited to get a string of lights from Silas for Christmas.

Lydia spent hours upon hours creating Harry Potter items for Adie’s American Girl dolls.  She did a fantastic job. And just when I think my life can’t be any crazier, I walk into the girl’s room to find Adie hanging from her new hammock from Grandpa and Grandma.   

My favorite part of the evening was when we handed out gifts to everyone at our home.  Most of our guests had no idea that we were doing this.  One man said he has been here 6 years and never received a Christmas present. This was his very first gift here.  It made my heart ache a little, but then I was so thankful for the gift of grace to be here and see his face when we gave him a gift.

And so in giving, I am richly blessed and my life is full of many good things in Jesus, my King.

Merry Christmas!