Happy Children

Snow equals happy Larsen children. 

A little stressful to get the skis, poles and boots organized but now that it’s done, we are all happy. 

Homeschooling boys

Homeschooling boys is a whole different ballgame than girls. Case in point…look at the picture below. We can’t just draw a straight line to the answer.  No, we have to drive your mother crazy. Max at Sarah’s art class. 

I can see lots of boy school adventures once our friends move into our rental home.

And then I come back to my phone to find many many selfies on it. 

Then once in a blue moon, they sit quietly and obediently. It doesn’t last for long, but this momma will love every minute of it. 

Day in SFO

We flew out today for another doctors appointment to try to treat my Lyme’s disease. 

I so very grateful for friends who took care of my tribe while we are gone. I’m blessed with amazing community. 

Grace’s French Meal

For her birthday, we got Grace a copy of Julia Child’s French cook book and tonight she made us the most famous recipe in the book – Boeuf Bourguignon.

img_2759 img_2760 img_2765 img_2768 img_2772 img_2775 img_2776 img_2783 img_2786

Jack quote

“Singing Christmas songs makes me two times happier.”