Applesauce and wrestling

Sabbath today was about naps and wrestling, fires and hot dogs, applesauce and apple crisp. 

It was a good rest – a day to take a deep breath and just be. 

Apples everywhere

Great Grandpa Lieser taught kids how to drive the lawn mower and gave us some giant carrots. 

Crowded House

Grace made four different kinds of scones for Crowded House. It was a great evening creating community.  

My kids love to be a part of this event!


20 minutes later

San Francisco

I had a doctor’s appointment for my Lyme’s disease today in San Francisco. I have lots of labs to wait on and we will need to go back in two months. 

We enjoyed the sights yesterday afternoon by walking over 9 miles. I knew the hills were steep, but holy moly I was huffing and puffing. 

Our kids are being well taken care of by our amazing friends.