Presidential Debate

My kids need to watch the Presidential debate for a government class that they are taking. Adie was listening to Hilary Clinton talk about jobs and compensation when she looks up at me and says, “So, she wants people to get paid even when they don’t work? (Sick leave, paternity leave etc) Well, that’s dumb!”

I want to raise children against the tide of entitlement. Owning our own business, there is no such thing as sick days. If we don’t work, there is no pay. It’s great if a business can afford such a gift to their employees, but that’s what it is a gift. It shouldn’t be mandated by the government. 

BTW: I dislike both options for President. 

Real time life 

A picture can say a thousand words. 

I sighed and carried on. 

We even smiled shortly after this. 

Life is messy. 


And down right exhausting at times. 

But knowing that my mess doesn’t surprise God makes all the difference. 

I can come to him with all my sin, my burdens and my loads and he gives me grace in return. 

The men survived 

While Angel was away at her incredibly deserved annual women’s retreat, I (Carl) watched 11 kids for the weekend. The 4 additional boys were the children of another mother attending the retreat. 

It was awesome. The kids did great, and we made a big sleepover out of it with all the boys. Enormous donuts and pizza always help with obedience too.  

We’re all glad to have Momma back – and are grateful for all she does to make the Larsen clan run so smoothly.