Mother’s Day

First, I have to say that I have a great mother and I owe much of who I am today to her. I love you, Mom!

We were up and at ’em early today making bread pudding for Syntyche’s Baptism/Graduation party. 

Jack and Max were up with me and gave me Mother’s Day presents. 

We are so very proud of our Syntyche. 

 Grace and Lydia made 150 gourmet cupcakes. The names were ridiculously long; Vanilla bean with a raspberry compote, chocolate with chocolate ganache and salted caramel filling, lemon with blackberry buttercream frosting and chocolate filled with ganache and chocolate buttercream frosting. Grace was too shy to be in the picture.  


A fun full day

We started out our morning at the Pregnancy Resource Center’s Walk for Life. Over $100,000 was raised this year!!

  I have been watching Fixer Upper and it inspires me to do little projects. Actually it is great mental therapy for me. 
Today’s project included jell staining the garage doors. I still need to do one more coat. I think it turned out fantastic.   

  Silas ran an errand with Carl and they stopped at Grandpa and Grandma’s to pick asparagus.  

 Boys climbing trees. 

The littlest one fell asleep looking at his memory book. He looks at it almost everyday.  


African Coalition Network

Tonight we were invited to honor one of our international students whom we just love. Samba has been welcomed into our family. Congrats on a job well done on finishing your degree.  

(He’s third from the left)  

8 ft ladder

I bought myself an 8 ft ladder for Mother’s Day. I needed to change light bulbs. Plus I have been looking at these ugly ceiling fan blades for 5 years from my bed. It was time to flip these bad boys over … 

…a tad less 1992. 


The question remains…will it stay this way or does she have another growth spurt?