Star Wars 

Max earned himself a Star Wars blanket by staying in his own bed for over 30 nights in a row. Best $14.99 that I’ve spent in a long time.  

 It was an awesome day to go on a special date with his Dad.  


Lake weekend

We spent the weekend enjoying the lake. 

Our closing to family church was a nice walk. 


Silas Quote

“You know I don’t tell you this very often, but you are one of the better mom’s that I have had.”

Coming from him, I will take this as a huge compliment.

Jack Quote:

We were getting ready on Saturday for the Walk for Life, Jack walks in and says, “Dad can you wear pants that I can recognize because last time I accidentally hugged another person’s leg.”

Forgotten water fight 

I forgot to share that while I was at the commencement on Friday, Sarah came over with her girls to hang out. Her son, Jack, stopped in for a quick water fight.  
I hope when my boys are teenagers that they will go have a water fight with a bunch of elementary school boys.