Calling all bakers

Grace is working on her three entries for “Kids Baking Championship” on the FoodNetwork. 


Max drawings

Max and Daddy skiing 

  He left this for Carl on his nightstand. 

Parenting in the trenches

Parenting with a child with attachment issues is something that one can never really truly be fully prepared.

Waking up every morning and going to sleep every night knowing that EVERY conversation or interaction is being manipulated in some shape or form is exhausting.

We are 3/4 the way through ten 3 hour therapy sessions – all in a three week window. The Family Attachment Center is where we are currently seeking therapy.   We start our last three sessions this week. (Please pray for me because tomorrow  and Wednesday I have to drive to the cities by myself  because Carl is in D.C.) It feels as if we went two steps forward and seven steps backwards.

I feel more hopeful and discouraged all in the same breath.  It is a breath of fresh air to be able to talk to therapists who understand what is truly going on at home, but at the same time he one of the more challenging cases.

I know that God has not left me in the trenches alone.   He is not surprised by all of this.  He is sanctifying me while parenting.  He has given me a great community of believers coming along side of me to pray and to hold my  family up in these trials.  I am so thankful his mercies are new every morning.  May I stand firm on that truth this week.

Jack quote

“My nose feels like it has a sore throat.”


We spent a beautiful day at the lake. We sure missed our Daddy today.